cropped-minifig_evolution2The first thing that come to my head when I hear the word lego is:

  •  building thing
  • video games
  • people playing sword fights
  • children
  • small people                                                                           s

The Maze

In the book called the maze, it talks about Thomas a character who has forgotten who he is, where he’s from and even his parents. He randomly wakes up in a maze wondering where he has appeared. During chapter one he made friends who helped rescue him from a deep pit, who are also trapped in this maze. They used a rope to help carry him even though Thomas was scared, as he didn’t know who they were.  but i think he will miss his family because your in a world that you don’t know.

The author of this book is James Dashner who is an American writer, this author made me decide to read the book because I have watched the film and wanted to know how different the movie is from the book. The front cover of the book attracted me the most because the picture was about a maze and I like things that look exciting. After reading this book I would like to read another book by this author because he makes good movies and his books are wonderful which makes me want to read it.



my story ❤️♨️

“Hello” I will be telling everyone about my life in Jamaica, now here it begins. I was 5 years old and I went on a plane with my 3 sisters and my 2 brothers. We  loved living  in Jamaica because we liked to stay at my Nan’s house. I missed my mum and dad but they were in England redoing our rooms and changing it around . This is the flag ??. We did not have a hard time there because we got to see our family and cousins. We always Face Time my mum and dad. The  one who we did not see is my granddad but we did not mind because he comes and see us in England and he always brings us sweets. We, my school life in Jamaica was fun because we always went on fun trips .My school was called Junior Primary. When I was at school I had so many friends and our favourite game was Tag. There was a trip I went on and it was called waterfall and we slept there for a week. It was in the countryside which was lovely because we ate lots of jerk chicken and played in the waterfalls.  The whole school went so it was very noisy and exciting.I remember when I was staying at my Nan’s house with my sisters and brothers when  my older sister said it is bed time. I walked into my room and  saw the  windows open to my surprise as  I was walked towards my window a big bat flew in my room!! I ran like a mad man to my big sister and told her. She walked to my room with me to sea the bat lying on the bed! It was so frightening because the bat  got up and started  flying around in the room. We opened up the closet so that the bat could  fly in. The bat  finally flew in.I felt so scared because I thought it was going to bite me. What a scary experience!





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  1. This is really good Kamal and shows that you are able to write a paragraph about your past. Well done!! to make this even better, you should go through and check some of the spellings and maybe add examples about what you did in Jamaica that made it really fun. Keep up the good work! Mr Durant.


  2. Hello Kamal,

    I agree completely with Mr Durrant. Your opening paragraph leaves lots of opportunity for development. Why not tell us about your adventures whilst away? Or about how life was different without mum and dad?

    Keep it up!

    Mr North


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Best trip – waterfall

Bats scared you – one flew in your room!

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